Investing in Bourbon

The True American Spirit.

INTRODUCING The Bourbon Bond

An opportunity for investors to participate in the increased value of white dog when it is sold as higher valued 4-year barrel aged bourbon.

You don’t need to appreciate bourbon to profit from

Bourbon Appreciation

(but it adds to the enjoyment!)

This is an opportunity only offered to accredited investors.

To certify you are an accredited investor and request proforma and offering documents, please click here

Demand Is High

and Getting Higher.


These are the market trends that reflect a decade of growth as well as another good 8 years of increasing demand for Bourbon and Rye in the United States.


Want to be more actively involved with a distiller?

We also offer accredited investors more active opportunities to help distillers bring new barrel aged whiskeys to market by financing their production contracts.

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How The Investor Finance Program Works

Licensed Producer Contracts for Barrels to be laid down for 2-4 years.

Investor finances contract purchase with Interest-bearing Promissory Note, secured by the aging whiskey.

Upon maturity, note is paid (to lender) and bourbon released (to licensed producer).

In absence of ability to repay note, we'll sell the matured whiskey at aged market value to pay the note plus a share of any additonal profit.


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