Premium white dog barreled with aging included.

Contract aging of 53 gal. barrels of award winning, high corn bourbon.

Fixed price contract distillation for wholesale buyers to purchase now or finance at mature release price.

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What is White Dog?

The clear liquid distillate that comes from the still is commonly referred to as white dog. It is white whiskey that is un-aged.  All whiskey, whether it’s mash bill is for bourbon, rye or wheat, begins as white dog.


This is the Good Stuff.

We Believe In Bourbon That Tastes Incredible

We sourced the finest ingredients to make the best large production bourbon possible.  The makeup of this bourbon is 65% Non-GMO corn, 15% Rye and 20% Barley.

The distillate is made in pot stills, ensuring only the best quality white dog–no lower quality heads or tails–goes into these barrels.  

This is Gold and Double Gold award-winning bourbon, as judged by American Distilling Institute spirits competitions.

65% Non GMO Corn

15% Rye

20% Barley

Taste It

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Buying high quality whiskeys masterfully distilled from Davis Valley Distillery at the unaged price, with 3 years of insured turnkey aging

and all handling and storage services included. 

One Price. No Other Costs.

You know the bottom line right from the start.  No nickel and diming every time you ant to  taste test or dump  your barrels.


 Wholesale Financing available to licensed buyers.

Contract Purchase Finance Option 1: Straight Bourbon or Rye

Zero interest financing with down payment of 20% to order, 40% upon fill with balance not due until barreled bourbon has matured in 2 years.

Download details on financing at the fixed price purchase price.


Mature Release Financing of Aged Bourbon

Financed Purchase at mature market price.  Ensure your future supply. Don’t tie up capital until ready for release.

Currently available: Four year bourbon in 2024, Three year in 2023 and Two year in 2022. Two year Rye in 2022. Or your custom mash bill by request.)

Mature release financing at market rates by The Bourbon Bond Investment Fund.

Deposit of 5% required, no further payment until release at maturity.





Our current all-inclusive price per barrel.

Save an additional $100 per barrel and buy at $1380. Contact for details.

Save an average of $500 Per Barrel over their total 3 year cost (Barrel Purchase + Service Fees Per Barrel and Per Month

  • Aged TWO Years $2100 Value avg. ROI 40% 40%
  • Aged THREE Years $2340 Value avg. ROI 55% 55%
  • Aged FOUR Years $3000 Value avg ROI 101% 101%

Aged Bourbon Value Averages, based on ADI, Current Market and Insured Values. Actual value may vary. Premium Bourbon value trends higher.

This is super premium grade product.

What could this sell for?

Compare potential bottled product retail value to past two year values of other similar bourbons.

Insured against loss by The Cincinnati Insurance Company's superior insurance program for distilleries.

We include in the price, aged value protection against loss for the full three years of our program.  Actual insured value will be verified at time of contract by the underwriter.

Underwriter determined value as of 4/10/2019:

$1730 for 1 year aged

$1920 for 2 year aged

$2300 for 3 year aged


Aged inventory is currently available by quote at 2, 3, 4 year maturity.  1-24 barrels per order.


You have questions, and we have answers.


we care about quality

We have made the investments to ensure quality  production and high volume availability of proven, award-winning bourbon. We will also produce to your unique mash bills and recipes.  Even if that includes proprietary chars, barrels and aging requirements.

Thinking about starting a distillery?


No Nonsense

Davis Valley is a respected distillery.  You can depend on consistent quality from non-GMO grains to meticulous mash bills, masterfully distilled and carefully managed aging in the best new American Oak charred barrels to our insured, all-inclusive storage program.

secure your supply

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