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It takes more precise data and forecasting models in order to stay strong and ahead of others.

Victory Spirits Development has committed to helping to define the path forward in association with a number of leading academic programs across the United States.

Data-science and economics teams will work with our team to crunch, calculate, plot, and analyze the changing market dynamics.

From supply and demand to future forecasts for a changing post-covid-19 marketplace.

We plan to expand into deeper consumer behavior and psychographic, that when paired with emerging ad tech the result will be a continued evolution of digital activation that creates direct to consumer pull and profitability for start-up and emerging growth brands.

One way we are turning to academics to help analyze market dynamics is to help investors understand the comparative return of investing in financing the production and aging of bourbon vs investing in stocks, real estate or commodities.

How does this investment compare with 4-year stock, real estate and commodities performance?

That's the question we posed to economics forecast students at the University of Kansas.  The 4 year gain comparisons (2017-2020) are compared to the cost and estimated appreciation of the Bourbon Bond Kentucky new fill bourbon funds.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THEIR ANALYSIS

Knowledge Partners

We're partnered with data-science and economic research programs at these academic institutions to analyze trends, understand opportunities, and to create more actionable forecasts.